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like he gives a damn.    Don't look like nothingll faze

" I reckon a piece of rope'll faze him/' the second deputy
said, grinning.

Mr. Munn looked into the face of the second deputy, see-
ing, as for the first time, the face of this man whom he had
met around the town for years: the small, bloodshot eyes
set deep in the puckered, pouched, bluish flesh, the heavy,
pocked nose, the lips grinning with a malicious and insinu-
ating brotherliness back over the yellow teeth through which
the stinking breath secretly hissed. He continued to look,
thinking, No, I never really saw this face before.

The man stopped grinning, the grin fading under Mr.
Munn's scrutiny.

Mr. Munn slowly turned to the first deputy.

"I didn't mean nothing," the second deputy was saying.

Mr. Munn ignored him, saying to the other, "So long."
Abruptly he stepped into the hall of the jail, where it was
shadowy and cool. He stood there for a moment, before
pushing open the little door that led back into the corridor
and calling for Mr. Dickey.

Bunk Trevelyan was lolling on his cot as on that first day,
detachedly, but with an appearance of swiftness and great
competence despite the indolent posture. Standing in the
little space by the cot, Mr. Munn looked down at him, and
said, "Trevelyan, you lied to me."

** Ain't nobody ever said that to me," Trevelyan remarked
impersonally, then adding, as by way of careful explanation,
MI ain't never let no man."

** Fm sayiag it," Mr. Munn retorted.

* What I told you was the truth."

" You didn't tell me about that knife."

** Naw, I reckon I did'n, come to think about it," Trevelyan
said meditatively, "but what I did tell you was true, all

Mr. Mima took a step closer to the cot and stood directly
ewer the bulk of the man sprawled there. " Trevelyan, I took